Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.
— Frederick Douglass
Valerie was a little afraid
when she started school
last year. She wanted to
learn to read but was not
sure she would be able to.
Well, this year Valerie is in
the 1st grade and reads
well above her grade
level. You go Valerie!"
50 percent of the nation's
unemployed youth are
functionally illiterate, with
no prospects of
obtaining good jobs.
54% of
graders read
below grade
Only 12 percent of
fourth-grade black
male students perform
at  proficiency in
reading compared
with 38 percent of
white males.
85 percent of all
juveniles who end up
in the court system
are  illiterate.
Students who
have reading
materials in their
home score  
higher than those
who have fewer or
no reading
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High school dropouts average less than half the weekly
income of people with just 2 years of college.
Unemployment rates are typically twice as
high for people who read poorly than for the
rest of the population.
A college master's
degree is worth $1.3
million more in lifetime
earnings than a high
school diploma.

Many children of color seldom read for pleasure.
This happens because they simply can not relate to the books they are given to read! Well
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Ultimately, it is a parent’s
responsibility to insure that their
children can read. At WeeBee Books
we know that you don’t always have
time to visit the book store and when
you do, it can be very difficult to
quickly select a book that is right for
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Often the books that are hyped on
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books we want in our homes or for
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So what to do?

You have come to the right place!

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